What does a typical integration project look like?

A guide to timeframes and key milestones for your Citizen integration

We've designed our payment and account verification products to be simple and easy to integrate, in fact, most of the development work wont take more than a day or two! ⚡

But theres more to an integration that the technical work, let's cover what to expect when integrating with us.

⏰ These timeframes are a guide, things can move quickly if you want them to!

Week 1: Set up 

First, we'll help you get familiar with our developer docs, and cover off any initial questions from the technical side. For support we usually set up a Slack channel where your engineering team will be able to talk directly with our integration experts!

We'll also share guidance for verification (available here) so have plenty of time to get your account verified prior to go-live

Your tasks 📋

  • Review developer documentation
  • Advise timelines for integration to align support teams

Week 2: Verification and Integration planning ✅

Now you're familiar with the technical requirements for the integration its time to get stuck in! You can opt to integrate with a sandbox account, so you can test your integration using our mock bank, or integrate right away with a production account (but note you wont be able to make real payments until we have verified your account and added a bank account).

We'll be on hand to support your engineering team, and our onboarding team will be busy reviewing the verification documents you submit. We'll also help you plan your customer experience, and share best practice for maximum conversion!

Your tasks 📋

  • Share verification documents 
  • Setup your Citizen account (either Sandbox or Production)
  • Agree customer experience approach
  • Set up webhooks for payment status updates (optional)
  • Begin your Citizen integration

Week 3 - Getting production ready

By now, we'll have carried out all the verification checks, and you should be reaching the final stages of your integration work, so there are just a couple of things to check-off.

Your tasks 📋

  • Create Citizen production account (if you've been using a sandbox account)
  • Update your integration with live credentials
  • Review final user experience with Citizen customer success team

Week 4 - Go live 🎉

Let's go! At Go-live we can support with launch announcements to you customers to let them know you are now able to take instant payments via Citizen Open Banking!

What happens next?

Our support won't end once you're live. We'll arrange regular check-ins with our customer success team to help you track uptake of Citizen payments, and keep you up to date with our latest features and updates.