Verifying your Citizen account

Before we can add a bank account and enable payments on your account, we first need to verify your account.

Your account manager will be on hand to help out, but here's how it works.

We are required by the FCA to carry out background checks on your business, its directors and People of Significant Control (PSC's) before we can allow you to process real payments. 

Complete our onboarding questionnaire 📋

Your account manager will send you our onboarding questionnaire to complete and sign. It will ask for the following:

Merchant onboarding questionnaire
Entity legal name e.g. Citizen UK Holding Limited
Entity trading name e.g. Citizen
Entity registered address e.g. 2 Leman Street, London
Country of incorporation e.g. United Kingdom
Company registration number e.g 9001234
Account details for where you will receive funds e.g.  Account number: 12345678
Sort code: 01-20-20
Directors * Names, addresses, passports & proof of address [email]
PSCs ** Names, addresses, passports & proof of address [email]

* Nominated entity directors, including managing director
** All shareholders of the entity with a great than 25% share ownership

Send us some supporting information 📄

Next, we will share a secure link for you to upload your documents and save them to an encrypted store, using Tresorit.

You'll need to share the following supporting documents for all directors and PSCs: 

  • Copy of passport
  • 1 x Proof of address, such as:
    • Utility bill dated within the last 3 months
    • Bank Statement within the last 3 months

And the following for your company:

  • Copy of the company's certificate of incorporation
  • 1 x Bank statement for the account you wish to receive funds into - dated within the last 3 months

If you have a more complex corporate control structure a copy of the company's structure including shareholders, directors and parent organisations can help move things along more quickly.

We'll run our checks 👩‍💻

Your account manager will keep you up speed we aim to process our checks in 2-3 working days

Should our background checks match any of your named parties, we will seek clarification with your directly.