Setting up your Sandbox account

We have a fully functional sandbox environment where you'll be able to integrate with a test bank account before going live.

1. Create your account 📋

You'll first need to register a test account using our sandbox registration form.

The steps here are identical to creating an account using the live system, which you can follow here if you need support.

2. Logging in to your test account 👨‍💻

Once you have completed the steps above or if you already have an account, click here to log in. You'll need to turn on the developer mode to login using your sandbox admin account.

  • Click the settings cog on the login screen of the app

    Sign in-2
  • Switch on 'developer mode' in the app settings - you'll now see a banner indicating you are in the developer mode.

  • Navigate back to the sign in screen and log in using the admin account you created in step one.

    Dev mode-1

You can then login to the sandbox environment using the following link:

Each environment has its own login page, if you have issues logging in, first check you are using the right login page for the account you wish to access.

Adding additional users

If you need more members of your team to access the test account, they first need to download the app and set up an account with developer mode switched on. This will mean they can create an account in the test environment, and you'll be able to add them within your Citizen dashboard. To learn a more about adding users, see adding and removing Citizen users.