Reporting on your payment activity

We give you full visibility of all payment activity and associated data.

There are two ways for you to review reports on your transactions.

1. Your dashboard 💻

Within your dashboard you'll find lots of reporting to check such as:

  • Payment status
  • Payment volumes and value over time
  • Supplementary data with each payment token

Whats a payment token?

A payment token is how we refer to an individual payment record. This contains a mix of transaction information (amount, date, payer) and supplementary data (payment ID or custom fields and information added by you)

To read more about the functionality in your dashboard, see navigating your payment dashboard.

2. Via our API 🔌

You can also query your transaction data via our payment API. This gives you to ability to bring your Citizen payment data into your existing tools and reports.

You can read more about using the payment API on our developer portal.