Navigating your Citizen payments dashboard

Finding your way around the payments dashboard

Your Citizen dashboard lets you see analysis on the value and volume of payments moving through your Citizen account, and offers filters and options for you to dig down to find specific payments.

First, let's look at the summary screen.

The Overview screen 📈

Here you can see a quick view of your whole payment landscape. We've designed the dashboard to help you monitor performance, and spot issues quickly so they can be investigated.

Summary Dash-1


  1. Navigation bar: Here you can navigate between the overview and transaction list view of your payments.

  2. Today view: This shows a snapshot of the value or volume or payments you have transacted in the current day. Use the toggle in the top right of this chart to switch between the two.
    1. Value is the total amount of money transacted for a given point in time e.g. '£1200.34'
    2. Volume is the number of individual transactions that occurred for a given point in time e.g. '32'

  3. Timeline view: This shows the value and volume (described above) over a longer period of time. Adjust the timeframe using the buttons in the top right.

  4. Highest transactions: This shows the highest customer transactions by value. This view is designed to help you spot unusual activity that may warrant a closer look.

The Transactions view 💰

The transactions view lets you search for, and inspect individual payments.

List View-2

  1. The search and filter bar: Here you can search for transactions using the following filters
    1. Status: filter out payments by status (Success, Failed, Pending)
    2. Amount: Search for a payment by specific amount, or between a range
    3. Date: Return payments requested between a specific date
  2. View payment details: To view a specific payment, click anywhere on the payment record.

Payment detail view 🕵️‍♀️

The payment detail view shows you all the information you might need about a particular payment.

Payment Detail Blank

We'll be adding the option to include lots more supplementary information with payments in the future!