Managing multiple Citizen accounts

When you need to handle payments for multiple accounts (we call these entities), we've made it easy to create new ones, and switch between them using a single admin account.

Signing into your entities

Log in with your admin email address & Citizen app

Enter your admin email address, click next, then approve the sign in using your Citizen app as usual



Selecting an entity to view

Once signed in you'll see a list of all the entities linked to your admin account. Select one to view it's dashboard, or create a new one (more on that later).


Entity Picker

Switching entities from your dashboard

From within your dashboard, we've made it really simple to switch to a different entity.

Simply select 'Switch Account' from the menu in the top right. This will take you back to to the entity list above.


Dashboard Menu

Creating new entities 

You can create a new entity from your dashboard using the menu in the top right, or from the entity list when you sign in.

Whichever route you take, you'll land on a screen to give your new entity a name, and an email address. This email address must be unique to the entity.

Create Entity 1

Click 'Next' and give your entity a password. 

⚠️ This password is different from the admin password you use to sign in. It is only used during the integration.

It must be securely stored and shared with your technical team. It can't be reset or recovered.

Create Entity 2


Verify the entity email address

Create Entity 3

Once you have created a password, you'll need to verify the email address you chose for the entity before you can log in.

You'll see the new entity in the entity list straight away, with a status indicating whether the email has been verified or not.

Create Entity 4

All done! 🎉

Once the email verified, you'll be able to sign into the new entity as normal!