Keeping your account secure πŸ”

Here's a few pointers on keeping your Citizen account as secure as possible.

Keep your API secret, safe! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ 

When carrying out your integration, your engineering team will handle some pieces of information called the API secret and Private API key.

It's important to keep both of these safe, and do not to share them with anyone outside your organisation (including us!) 

Remove admins who no longer need dashboard access πŸ‘₯

You can manage access to your company's Citizen dashboard in your account admin settings. Remember to remove anyone who has left the business, or who no longer requires access as part of their job role.

Learn more about adding and removing admins.

Don't used shared Citizen sign-in accounts πŸ“±

Make sure the team who are using the Citizen dashboard all have their own Citizen sign-in accounts. This makes it much easier to manage access, and maintain a reliable audit trail of updates or changes.

Our sign-in app can be downloaded using these links:

  1. Apple - App Store
  2. Android - Play Store

Once an account is set up, you'll just need the email address your colleague used to create their account, to add them as an admin.