How do I set up my Citizen account? (Legacy API)


This guide is for businesses integrating with the old V1 API. Please see this guide

Setting up your account 📋

  • First visit our account registration form. This is where you'll register your own admin account and add the business name and email address.

Setting up a sandbox account? You'll need to use our sandbox registration form instead.

  • You'll need to provide 2 email addresses. You'll need to have access to these email accounts to verify the email address later. (note: these can't be associated with an existing Citizen account)
    1. Your personal profile email: This is your own admin email you'll use to log in
    2. Your company profile email: This is the companies email address and will be seen by customers. Consider using a 'help' or 'customer service' email here.
    Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 16.09.19

  • Confirm both email addresses using the emails we have sent to both inboxes.

  • Once both emails are confirmed, download the Citizen mobile app and log in using your admin account details.
    1. Apple - App Store
    2. Android - Play Store
    You'll use your Citizen account to log into your company account and keep everything secure.

    Time to log in! 🎉

  • Go to
    1. Select sign in with Citizen (below) and enter your admin email address. Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 16.10.19
    2. Open your Citizen app to see the sign in request (you might need to refresh by swiping down on the screen) and tap 'Sign in' 
    3. You'll approve the log in using your phones face or fingerprint scanner and you'll be logged in to your dashboard.

    The finishing touches 💁

  • To add the last few company details to your profile, first go to "Your company" in the profile menu.

    Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 16.11.51

  • Click "edit" to add information to your account details and registration detail tabs. 

    Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 16.12.45

  • These two pages will define how your company shows to your customers on emails and requests.
  • Add a company logo in top left so your brand appears in all Citizen emails and payment requests. (Note: Only JPEG images are supported right now)

  • The "Company Users" tab allows you to add more users to your account. Read more about that here.

Wait! What about bank details? 🏦

  • You might have noticed you can't add a bank account yet. This is because we need to carry out some checks before we can add or change a bank account.
  • Your account manager will help guide you through this and activate your account, but you can read more about how verification works here.