Branding your Citizen payment journey

Make sure your customers know who they are paying throughout the Citizen journey, by adding your logo and trading name.

Adding your Logo 🖌️

Firstly, you'll want to update your logo, this is what is shown in the payment modals, and emails you customer will receive when they pay.


File requirements

Images need to be JPEG (.jpg) files. We recommend using a square form logo if you have one, as this will display best on all parts of the journey.


Once uploaded. Your logo will appear on all modals, and emails throughout the customer journey.

Updating your trading name

Your trading name is how your customers would refer to you. This will already be set with the name you used when you registered, but you can update it anytime from the account settings menu.

Just click 'edit' to update your Trading name.


Done! 🎉

Your logo and name will now appear throughout the customer journey on all modals, emails and payment screens.