Adding and removing Citizen users to your account

How to add and remove additional admin users to to your Citizen account

Adding members of your team 👋

To make sure your account can always be accessed by your company, it's a good idea to add additional admin users.

  • First, go to "Your Company" in your profile settings in the top right of your dashboard 


  • Next, navigate to the "Company Users" tab shown below
     Company users tab

  • Click "Add User" and enter the email address for the Citizen account you want to add as an admin. 
    (Note: This must be an existing Citizen account, and not an admin at another company)
    Add user
  • When you have entered the email address click "Add User" and this Citizen user will now be able to log in to your company account! 🎉

Removing members of your team 🙅‍♂️

Removing someone will mean they can no longer access any part of the Citizen account.

  • First, navigate to the "Company Users" tab as shown above

  • Next, click the delete icon next to the user account you wish to remove 

    Delete user

  • Now confirm the removal of the account by clicking "Remove User" 

    Confirm remove

  • The user is now removed and will no longer be able to access the Citizen account